We offer a variety of services for all types of Dogs:
Superior Bath
(includes our  hydro massaging  bath and premium shampoo, deep hydrating conditioner, nails trimmed and filed, teeth brushed, ears cleaned and plucked,  and glands expressed). 

Teacup bath            $23                                             
Small  bath             $25                                         
Medium   bath         $27                                         
Large    bath           $31                                         
Giant bath                       $35                           
Mini Groom
(includes our Superior Bath plus a light trim of the Feet, Eye Area, Tail and Skirt Line) 
$35 for up to 30lbs  $45 up to 70lbs  $55 over 70lbs
Full Groom
 (includes our Superior Bath plus a full body haircut)
                    Teacup           Small        Medium        Large       Giant 
*                        $45           *  $49           *  $55            * $67       * $75
* Starting price
Additional Fees & Services
  • Extremely Thick or Matted Coats
  • De-Shedding (reduces shedding by 80%) $10-$30
  • De-matting services are $60 per hour.
Please call ahead for an appointment.  Appointments are made throughout the day to minimize the amount of time any pet should have to stay with us.  

Average appointment time is 3-4 hrs from the time of the scheduled appointment. We will call and let you know as soon as your pet is ready.  You may pick them up immediately or leave them as long as you need as long as they are picked up before closing.  
  • Express Appointment   $20 extra
By appointment only, we will groom your pet straight through and get them back home to you as quickly as possible. Average time is 1½ -2 hours.
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